Travel Documentation

Empowering targeted documents in travel
In the travel industry, and especially in the cruises segment, sending the most correct document to the appropriate person at the right moment is a business-critical task. However, this often implies a number of error-prone, time-consuming and expensive manual processes.

EDOC HighWay is Key Technologies s ‘s response to deal with these issues. Based on our proven documentation management platform EDOC, EDOC HighWay is a Rule Based Engine Platform designed to configure, process, dispatch and monitor complex documents.
Supporting all types of documents, EDOC HighWay will allow you to deliver large quantities of perfectly personalized documents to highly profiled recipients, with the utmost degree of precision.

Hereafter the main advantages provided by EDOC HighWay:

  • Flexibility – With few clicks is possible to set, configure, test and deploy minor and major changes to production documents with no need of technical skills. It is possible to create different document type areas (invoice, ticket, massive letters,) giving the proper access rights to each user.
  • Document Production Accuracy – The Rule Based configuration system allows working by differences so that exceptions can be easily configured without impacting the consistency of previously created configurations.
  • Reduced time-to-market – The Rule Based configuration system allows quick configuration-test-deploy cycles in order to meet exceptional business requests.
  • Full Control – All activities are logged so that any piece of information included in the documents can be followed up.
  • Maintenance Costs Reduction – Few people are required to configure and maintain the system.
  • Full Monitoring – The production process of each document can be monitored at any time so that is possible to address immediately any anomaly.
  • Integration – External sources and destinations can be easily integrated using standard interfaces. Output documents can be delivered via mail, fax, printing, sms.