Product Information Management

A single solution to govern, manage, and consume all shared data assets

Sell Better with Compelling and Consistent Product Experiences

Your customers need accurate product information, in order to make informed purchasing decisions faster, better and more often. Without it, they may turn to a competitor.

PIM helps you provide the best customer experiences across all of your channels. No matter the size or complexity of your catalog, PIM is your single source of truth. Advanced features enable you to share your brand values, manage variations and comply with global standards.
Automate redundant tasks and pinpoint missing information, for an efficient time to market. Your teams can focus on what they do best: enriching products for compelling customer experiences that sell more products.

Sell Faster with Efficient Processes Backed by Powerful Technology

In the ever-changing world of commerce efficiency is key, and team collaboration can often be a bottleneck for business growth. Whether you have ten PIM users, hundreds, or more, and no matter the complexity of your processes, you have to enrich your product information.
PIM permissions and Teamwork Assistant will allow you to securely manage those users by defining specific and clear roles, tasks, and access for everyone. Your large teams benefit from a secure and customizable workspace where they’ll focus on only the products they need and nothing else.

Sell Anywhere with PIM Designed for Omnichannel

From brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, through social selling and “phygital” experiences, PIM will help you build the omnichannel product experiences your customer expects today, and get you ready for those of the future.. Manage accurate translations and localized measurements to increase sales and reduce returns. Expand into new marketplaces and easily adapt to the requirements of any touchpoint.

With Enterprise-grade add-ons like premium integrations, supplier management tools, and catalog sharing capabilities, you can take your business to the next level and become truly omnichannel.
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