Travel Maps

Ever-changing, super-detailed maps for all your channels? No more an issue
Players in the Travel & Cruises business have very often to deal with such challenges as a seasonal production of maps in large quantities and for different channels – websites, mobile, brochures, tickets – and their frequent updates for changed or new itineraries. Moreover, they need multilingual support (possibly including Eastern languages), high responsiveness whenever new maps are requested, and consistency of all the names, labels and routes throughout different maps and channels.
Travel Maps is the most innovative response to all these issues. Travel Maps is an aided generation tool that allows you to create and maintain a repository containing all these details and many more, which can also be automatically imported from a external systems.

Create your multiple map skins and define location pins, language, output format (jpg, gif, tiff, svg, ) and many more for each one of them. Edit maps on multiple skins simultaneously, speeding up the production process, and use the bulk map creation tool, for example, when a background changes.

In brief, save your time, money and resources.